Exam brings a lot of anxiety and tension along with itself, and many a time students fall prey to it and end up in the wrong end of the result. It is true that there is no measure to completely scuffle off stress due to exams but there are ways which you can significantly reduce the stress and its ill effects on your exam and result. Exams like AIEEE, NEET, DTE Karnataka may be stressful but don’t worry and look below for some tips.P.S-DTE Karnataka results are out.

So here I present you with some of the remedy measures that can be applied to fight and beat exam without stress-

  1. Avoid stressful companions – Do remember that stress is transmissible and if you are surrounded by panicked personnel it will get the better of you and you may end up stressful. So avoid studying with people who complain about the studies and work that needs to be done. It will lower your confidence.
  2. Don’t Doubt Yourself— Always believe in yourself and in your way of studying. Remember that you are no less human than anyone else and can equally perform in the exam. It may take a bit more time for you to learn the same thing but you will eventually learn and perform.
  3. Eat well—Good nutrition is a great companion for academic achievement. Eat healthy to relax your brain. Dark chocolate has been recommended for relieving stress.
  4. Sleep well the night before exam—staying up the night before exam is the worst thing you can do that night. If you have prepared even a bit previously then revise that in evening time and then eat well and take a good 6-8 hours of sleep. You will feel relaxed the next day when you wake up and then you can give your exam stress free.
  5. Do not be scared of result—Don’tworry about what the outcome will be. Do your best and hope for the best, but there is no point worrying about result even before giving your will only add to your stress and make you tensed.