What is the definition of fashion in Islam?

fashion in Islam

Defining fashion in general terms:

There are many definitions of fashion. The definitions depend on the thinking of people. Some people assume fashion to be just wearing branded and expensive clothes. While for some people, fashion is about wearing the clothes which are totally different from others. Some people have a view that fashion is about looking decent and beautiful at the same time. Hence, there are many definitions according to the perspectives of the people. The dictionary meaning of fashion is “organized” or “something in a regular and organized manner”.

Defining fashion in Islamic terms:

Muslims have their own definition of Islam in their religion as mentioned by Islamic fashion anaheim. The definition is based on the religious principles. There are certain restrictions in Islam regarding fashion of clothes. First of all, believers are bound to cover the specified part of the body. The parts should be covered completely and must not be exposed to the clothes. Some clothes are transparent enough to expose the parts of the body. Such clothes are discouraged in Islam and not allowed. Hence, the definition of fashion in Islam is to wear beautiful clothes without crossing the certain limits.

Emerging industry of Muslim fashion:

Due to certain limitations and requirements, the sense and definition of fashion are totally different for Muslims. Hence, they require a lot of changes in the commonly available outfits by the various brands. This has created a new market for the fashion industry. And it is of outfits and clothes made according to the Islamic principles. The market is relatively new and emerging.

Evolution of the industry:

The industry used to be really small with just a few small brands and designers working in it. But recently, it was proved that this market of fashion is having huge opportunities. This was proven by the entrance of big brands like Dolce & Gabbana. Some other brands have also joined this marathon. The market is emerging and soon going to provide a lot of revenue. Online e-commerce stores are springing up having a good variety of outfits for Muslim women. There are some dedicated stores too which are only dealing with these outfits. This is a proof that there are indicators to prospect the growth of this industry.

Reviews of critics:

There are many critics of this market. They are of the view that in Islam, modesty is not just about how you look. It is also about some other things. For them, buying expensive clothes with western touch just for the modesty is not a good thing. They are totally against the western influence on their religious thing.

Is it just about covering the head?

It is not just about covering the head. In Islam, it is about hiding your body as mentioned by Islamic fashion anahiem. Nowadays, the clothes and even hijabs are not serving the full purpose of modesty as they are tight and expose the body.

In short, there are many ways of defining fashion not only in the dictionary but in the religion as well.