Low craving for sex in men

sex in men

Sex drive in men:

Often it is observed that men have more need for sex and they crave for it more than their spouses. It is also true according to the biological system of male human beings.

also concluded that “men need more sex and have more craving for it”. The internal biological wiring of men’s sexual and reproductive system show that they secrete more hormones for sex craving that’s why the sex drive is higher in men.

Reduction of sex drive in men:

Recently, an article was published in Sexual Medicine Journal about the sex drive of men. It was mentioned in the article by a renowned doctor that high amount of sex drive is not always there for every man. Although, the cases for such problems are rare but still nearly 20-30% men suffer from low sex drive problems because of different reasons.

A survey of women:

A survey was conducted among the women to ask about the sexual life. And the report was quite surprising as it highlighted many unknown things. One of the most astonishing things was that there are many cases in which the female spouse was more interested in the sexual activity as compared to the male spouse. While in the maximum cases, the situation is different to it. In normal cases, the male spouse is always more interested in engaging in sexual activity than the male spouse. According to the analysis of data, nearly 30% women reported such cases in which the male spouse was not interested in having sexual activity or the interest was of low level.

The behavior of men toward sexual activity:

Well, different researchers have been done on this subject and different causes have been founded according to the results. The attitude of men towards sex is different depending on their mood and behavior. Some are just simply interested in doing it but not too much interested in it. While some are more interested in it and they have an addiction-like feeling for it. And the third category is of those having no feel for sex. The third category belongs to the men suffering from some sort of disease.

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder:

It is a condition suffered by some men when they feel a low level of interest in engaging in sexual activity. Those suffering from it never do it comfortably with their female spouse. So, it is important to go for the treatment within the time otherwise it can affect the relationship between them.

Reasons behind the disorder:

The reason depends on the daily lifestyle and it is different for everyone. One should analyze the daily lifestyle and try to figure out the bad things which are not only affecting the sexual life but also the overall health of the person. The reason can range from psychological issues to some mental disorders. It can also be due to the diseases suffered by the specific person.

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